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Liberatory Poetry

Alaa Kadhim al-Jabiri
The Play – “I beg your pardon my dear readers I did not mention the name of the play which is ‘The Mass Graves’.”

Jonathan Bartlett
The Ballad of a Dead Beat Dad – Prison poem.

Cari Carpenter
Prestamped – What may not be mailed to prison.

Tony Christini
News From Little Rock – The unreported story of the 40th year commemoration of the integration of Central High School by the Little Rock Nine in Little Rock, Arkansas. 

Tom Engelhardt and Frida Berrigan
Recipes for Disaster in Iraq – Cooking up geopolitical crime in Washington DC

Kim Jensen
Ode to Man and War’s End – Facing the need to liberate.

Ryan Kirkpatrick
Loneliness – Prison poem.

Donald McDonald
Jailhouse New – Prison poem.

Vivek Mehta
A Tribute to the Man in BlackFocus: Kenya poem.

Betty Muragori
2 PoemsFocus: Kenya poems.

Stephen Derwent Partington
6 PoemsFocus: Kenya poems.
Praise PoemFocus: Kenya poem.

Marge Piercy
Film can reverse but not time“…the deadly / stupid careen down the slope / of history, spewing lives, torture, / billions of debt to thwart” 

Prisoner of the state of Illinois
A Poem – Prison poem.

Prisoner at Tamms
America’s Supermaximums – Prison poem.

Prisoner at Tamms
“Safe?!” – Prison poem.

Prisoner at Tamms
T.A.M.M.S. – Prison poem.

Margaret Randall
What I Tell the Young When They Ask – The art of resist.

Adrienne Rich
Emergency Clinic – “I do not soothe minor / injuries…” 

Andrew Rihn
Dozers – Blades of Destruction.

David A. Smith
Concrete and Iron City – Prison poem.

Angel Torres
The World We Make – Prison poem.

Buff Whitman-Bradley

Mickey Z.
A Cycle – An irony of culture.