Liberation Lit publishes progressive and revolutionary fiction primarily, and other liberatory art. Liberation Lit is the journal of Mainstay Press, home of fiction for social change. Lib Lit works are published online on a rolling basis and will be periodically collected in book form, in whole or part.

Like Mainstay, Lib Lit prefers fiction and other art that may be deemed too partisan or didactic, or otherwise overtly factual and political, for publication by most corporate presses.

For authors who might be uncomfortable with didacticism in common story forms, we suggest considering the form of a fictive essay – an oral or written appeal, cry, missive from a clearly identified and delineated fictive person (that is, character) who is representative realistically or fantastically of some actual stratum, niche, sweep of society. We are looking for essayistic or narrative topical, heavily fact-based, issue based, progressive partisan work – fact-rich fiction.

Our view is that didacticism or other overt progressive partisan content (e.g., abundant implicating, enlightening public facts as background to some private narrative) need not necessarily rule out the use of significant formal elements of ambiguity that commonly serve to enrich fiction.

Send queries or stories by attachment to mainstay1 at gmail dot com. Include brief author bio and story overview.
Co-founders and Editors of Liberation Lit are Tony Christini and Andre Vltchek. Assistant Editor is Joe Emersberger.


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