Liberation Lit Focus: Prison

“I knew right there in prison that reading had changed forever the course of my life”
-Malcolm X


Work by Prisoners:

     Loneliness – by Ryan Kirkpatrick
     Jailhouse New – by Donald McDonald
     The Ballad of a Dead Beat Dad – by Jonathan Bartlett
     The World We Make – by Angel Torres
     A Poem – by a state of Illinois prisoner
     Concrete and Iron City – by David A. Smith
     “Safe?!” – by a prisoner at Tamms
     T.A.M.M.S. – by a prisoner at Tamms
     America’s Supermaximums – by a prisoner at Tamms
     If Only [story] – by Joe Dole


Also see: Lockdown Prison Heart / LPH Introduction and Comments


Work by Others:

     Prestamped – by Cari Carpenter
     Frame Up – by Ron Jacobs
     Interrogation – by Mahmud Rahman


Prison Talk – Prison Information and Family Support Community