Liberatory Fiction

Adetokunbo Abiola
The Militants – Guerrillas, soldiers and civilians struggle for justice and survival in the Niger Delta amid suffering and death fueled by the oil industry and the state.
Lizy – The courage and the struggle to vote in Nigeria.
The Forgotten Inmate – Struggle to survive imprisonment in Benin City, Nigeria.

Appalachian Author
Please Attack Appalachia – From the Appalachian Mountains, one of the earliest and most damning satires of the US invasion and occupation of Iraq.

Laura Carlsen
The Slow Slide to Barbarity – The brutal US economic and immigration policies toward Mexico.

Tony Christini
Plan USA – What if “Plan Columbia” were applied to the US?
Civil Acts – The family of a US soldier killed during the US invasion of Iraq turns against the war.
At Pemmican PressBanked, Balloted, Error Incorporated | Tropetopia

Joe Dole
If Only – Prison story.

Joe Emersberger
The Publisher – A Canadian newspaper publisher confronts his complicity in the Canadian, US and corporate backed coup and mass murder in Haiti.
Dave the Prophet – Love and politics and deportation in Canada.
Segundo’s Revenge – Class in Ecuador via Canada clinically examined.
Wovokia – Imagining society forward.

Shelley Ettinger
Herb and Leo Are at It Again – Unions, organizing, immigration, and friendship then and now.

Ishimure Michiko
Lake of Heaven excerpt– Community destroyed by dam building in Japan.

Ron Jacobs
Frame Up – Race and injustice in Maryland; the blood-strewn quarters of the Police State and the struggle against it.

Tony Mochama
The Brinkipice of GenocideFocus: Kenya fiction, and view (nonfiction).

Shabnam Nadiya
Girl in the Rain“Life went on for all of us. We felt so good and holy about ourselves; there was something so sacred in our magnanimity.”

Mahmud Rahman
– Revolutionary struggle and counterrevolutionary oppression in Bangladesh.

Arundhati Roy
The Briefing – “…when the trees migrate…”

Paul Street
Dead Man Talking – A report on the establishment’s living dead.
Leading Democrats: “Expropriate the Expropriators” – Democratic candidates for the United States presidency take a surprising new turn.
A Message From The American Corporate Plutocracy – Sing and dance that plutocratic tune: American Corporate Idol for President.

Joseph Veramu
The Toothache – The line separating coup from revolution and survival in Fiji.
The Television Footage – Reflection upon bravery during the 2000 Fijian coup.

Andre Vltchek
The Weekly Globe – The Chief Editor of The Weekly Globe confronts the world in the bars of New York.
Storyteller and East Timor – On a ship leaving East Timor, a wrenching conversation about the US-backed Indonesian conquest and slaughter of East Timorese.
Color of God – Refugees, God, soldiers, blood and journalism in the Middle East.

Buff Whitman-Bradley

Jenny Ruth Yasi
Between Boston and Burma – An American and Burmese family caught in the midst of an uprising in Burma, 1988.