Ode to Man and War’s End – poetry by Kim Jensen

Facing the need to liberate.


Ode to Man

Mankind – selfish past all measure. Mankind’s greed knows no limit (and I am part of this.) I did not walk away from Omelas. I knew that people went hungry. I knew that people suffered debilitating diseases. I knew that people were dying of loneliness. And I did so little.

Mankind – worthless in the face of grief. How did we let it come this far? Mankind – a liar in his bloodstream. And I too, because I made my compromises with you.

You, mankind, preaching a morality of shadows and false righteousness, touching nothing real. Apparitions, your values that see people as little more than machines, no compassion.

Mankind – hypocritical beyond belief. And I too, because I saw my fellow man living in the streets and did only the minimum required by the codes of civility.






at the end
of the war

of coins








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