Liberation Lit – first issue – cover

In 2009 Mainstay Press will publish the groundbreaking first anthology of Liberation Lit, the journal of progressive and revolutionary fiction.

Liberation Lit

Liberation Lit

The images of the front and back cover for this issue help connect the works inside with some of the progressive and revolutionary tendencies in the USA of the past century. The stories move beyond this past, especially in being written by authors from around the world. The cover collage of the first Liberation Lit issue originates mainly from illustrations of The Masses magazine from early last century, and posters from the WPA Federal Theater Project.

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2 Responses to “Liberation Lit – first issue – cover”

  1. Shelley Ettinger Says:

    Hi — I’m not clear from your website but it seems that a print issue of Liberation Lit is forthcoming, right? How do I order a copy?

    I also want to let you know that I recently started a blog, Read Red, whose focus is on reading and writing fiction from a class-struggle vantage point. It’s at

    I haven’t yet finished constructing it but will soon have a links section. I assume it’ll be okay with you if I link to your site?

    Shelley Ettinger

  2. tc Says:

    Looks like an interesting blog; sure, link up. Lib Lit journal will be published as a paperback anthology, available online or by order through a favorite bookstore.

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